$INFRA Token

The INFRA token is serving as the driving force behind the entire Bware Labs ecosystem. It enables the full transition of Blast to a permissionless and decentralized platform and will fuel the platform's overall growth and development.
For more details about the INFRA economics, please refer to this article

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Token Supply and Metrics


Total Supply

100,000,000 INFRA

Initial Circulating Supply

3,855,000 INFRA

Token Utility

Blast Decentralization

The INFRA token is a utility token created with the purpose of enabling the decentralization of general blockchain access via the Blast Protocol.

Staking Incentives

Node Providers joining the Blast protocol will need to stake INFRA to receive rewards.

Delegation Incentives

All token holders will have the option to participate in the decentralization of blockchain access by delegating tokens to any of the Node providers


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