Bridge Operators

Our exceptional performance in reliability and security has led to remarkable partnerships with some of the leading bridge solutions in the industry.


The Avalanche Bridge allows for seamless transfers of ERC20 tokens between Ethereum and Avalanche C-Chain. Proud to be counted as one of the initial 4 Wardens securing the protocol.

Total Value Locked$480M


Axelar provides a secure cross-chain communication for the Web3 ecosystem, leveraging the reliable proof-of-stake consensus mechanism used by leading blockchain networks. It enables dApp users to interact with any asset or application across multiple blockchain networks with seamless ease through a single click.

Total Value Locked$100M


Connext is a secure and modular protocol for transferring funds and data between different chains. It enables developers to construct cross-chain applications (xApps) that can interact with multiple domains such as blockchains or rollups simultaneously.

Total Value Locked$7M


deBridge is a secure and versatile Web3 that allows for complex cross-chain interactions in a single transaction. It functions as a unified framework for all cross-chain needs by enabling the simultaneous transfer of messages and value, and can connect any smart contract on any blockchain.

Total Value Locked$1M

Bware Labs is one of our most trusted partners when it comes to infrastructure. We relied on their deep expertise to power the Connext bridge by running subgraph infrastructure across dozens of networks.

Many operators of our decentralized network of routers relied on Blast APIs to operate on a broad range of networks that the Connext protocol is supporting. Connext itself also uses Blast APIs internally to facilitate RPC connections to many networks, and we recommend it to all our partners.

Rahul Sethuram Co-Founder & CTO at Connext

Rahul Sethuram

Co-Founder & CTO at Connext

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