Decentralized Blockchain API

Decentralized Blockchain API

With increased interest for dApp development and Web 3.0, the need to access blockchain data is becoming more and more adamant. At Bware Labs, we propose a decentralized approach to the issue where blockchain enthusiasts and developers can be either API consumers or Node Providers.

Our solution consists of a Web Platform where users can create an account, connect their wallets, and for a monthly subscription, they will be receiving an endpoint that will get them access to blockchain API methods.

Users who are able to run their own blockchain node and wish to get rewards can join our platform as Node Providers and fulfill requests coming from our platform’s endpoints, thus creating a decentralized infrastructure.

Node Providers will be required to stake BWR tokens to ensure good behavior as well as high performance and stability. Also, the platform will enable a governance program allowing Node Providers to be involved in future product strategies.

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Ethereum 2.0

Benefits of a Decentralized API Infrastructure

Increased performance and response rate

Scaling is simply done by allowing more Node Providers into our network. Good node behavior is enforced within our protocol by performing periodic checks and applying coercive measures for nodes that under perform, like slashing staked tokens or exclusion from the network.

Support for Multiple Blockchain Networks

Users can get access to multiple blockchain networks in one place with a single account and subscription. The list of supported blockchains is continuously growing, as we commit to expanding the available development toolkit beyond the Ethereum ecosystem.

Immediate availability

Building and deploying your own node to get API access to various blockchains can prove time-consuming. Some nodes take more than one day, up to a couple of weeks, to sync and become usable. By choosing our platform, you get instantaneous access to the blockchain data through the endpoints we provide, with a guaranteed fully synced status.

No technical expertise or maintenance required

In order to deploy your own node, you need some basic Linux and bash skills, and a minimal blockchain understanding. At the same time, you will have to allocate time and resources to ensure uptime and maintenance. Using our Decentralized API Platform you will have guaranteed uptime, no maintenance costs. All will be available within minutes, from a user-friendly UI.