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Let's work together to rid the Web3 space of the traditional Web2 companies and pave the way for real reliability and performance done the right way!

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Getting Involved as a Node Provider

Leverage your technical skills and earn substantial rewards while supporting the Blast Protocol and a decentralized Web3

1: Create an account

Get access to a provider account in just a couple of easy steps using your non-custodial wallet!

2: Register a node

Provided your node matches our performance criteria you'll be able to permisionlessly become an active participant of the Blast protocol

3: Create a Staking Pool

Stake your $INFRA tokens and create your own staking pool.

4: Start earning rewards!

Your rewards will depend on your node's performance, the self-staked amount and the number of delegation on your Staking Pool

Become a Node ProviderDocumentation

Getting Involved as a Delegator

All $INFRA token holders will have the opportunity to delegate their tokens to any of the available Staking Pools and earn generous APYs while supporting the true decentralization of Web3

Delegations Explorer