App Chains

App Chains or application-specific blockchains are dedicated blockchain networks designed for specific applications. They allows builders the freedom to specify the economy, governance, and consensus algorithm most suited for their projects.

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Avalanche Subnets

Your Blockchain, your rules!

Avalanche Subnets allow you to benefit from the security and reliability of the Avalanche Blockchain without having to run on the public chain and allowing you to define your own rules.

Customized EVM-powered Subnet

Each Avalanche Subnet can consist of one or multiple blockchains. Build your own VM without concerns related to consensus, blockchain structure or networking. Avalanche takes care of all that allowing you to focus on what you wish to build.

Subnet tooling

The Avalanche ecosystem already provides support for building the necessary tooling to guarantee your subnet's success. From faucet support to bridging assets cross-chain, everything is easily accessible and we are here to guide you through the process!

Polygon Supernets

Your Blockchain, your rules!

Based on Polygon Edge, Supernets will allow you to quickly setup and deploy high-performance, customized blockchain networks, helping you bootstrap decentralized validator sets from professional partners.

Customized EVM support

Build your own VM without concerns related to consensus, blockchain structure or networking. Through Polygon Edge you can now adapt blockchain features to your specific needs using plugins instead of forking.

Supernet tooling

Polygon Supernets removes the blockchain development complexity by providing premium support, and a list of services aimed at eliminating the hassle of maintaining blockchain infrastructure and building your own tooling.


From development stage to production release and beyond! Services designed to assist you through your entire journey, from development kickstart to releasing, scaling and improving your adoption.

Enterprise Validator

Enterprise grade validators with improved security, redundancy and failsafe mechanisms run by an experienced team of engineers with extensive validator experience.

Dedicated RPC endpoints

Your developer teams will benefit from dedicated accounts within Blast, with different plan benefits and request tracking for an optimized cost and an improved experience.

Public RPC support in Blast

To bootstrap your development and testing efforts, your custom Polygon Supernet or Avalanche Subnet can be added on the list of Blast Public APIs.


Get in control of your data with professional indexing solutions offered by Bware Labs! End to end, out of the box indexing solutions customized on your specific needs.


Faucets will facilitate testing and development during your project's initial phases allowing you to keep focusing on the core solution.

Staking & Delegations

Increase your transaction data transparency without sacrificing any development effort or affecting your roadmap. Bware Labs will build your explorer or delegation pages for you!

Get started with App Chains!

Bware Labs is a trusted partner in both Avalanche and Polygon ecosystem, as infrastructure provider, bridge warden and enterprise validator. Let's team up and build a better Web3!

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