Blockchain Validators

Participating in blockchain consensus and securing partner networks is part of our mission of further improving the Web3 space.

With a flawless record of no downtime for over 2 years and some of the most competitive commission rates in the market, Bware Labs might represent the obvious choice for your delegations.

Total Value Locked> $500M
Delegators> 10k
All Validators

Advantages for Delegators

Keep your funds safe

At Bware Labs we take security really seriously. With more than $300M in TVL and more than $5B in assets secured for our bridge partners, you can rest assured that your assets are in the best hands.

Increased reliability

Our validators experienced no downtime during the last 2 years, so slashing is not a risk when delegating with us.

Maximized profit

Take advantage of some of the most competitive commissions on each network we are present in.

Bware Labs is one of our most trusted partners when it comes to infrastructure. We relied on their deep expertise to power the Connext bridge by running subgraph infrastructure across dozens of networks.

Many operators of our decentralized network of routers relied on Blast APIs to operate on a broad range of networks that the Connext protocol is supporting. Connext itself also uses Blast APIs internally to facilitate RPC connections to many networks, and we recommend it to all our partners.

Rahul Sethuram Co-Founder & CTO at Connext

Rahul Sethuram

Co-Founder & CTO at Connext