Aptos Governance 101 with GovScan

Aptos Governance 101 with GovScan

Bware Labs Team

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At the forefront of the Web3 landscape stands Aptos, a pioneering blockchain platform distinguished by its unwavering commitment to scalability, reliability, and user-centric design. Aptos offers a decentralized infrastructure that accommodates diverse applications and transactions without compromising speed or performance. With advanced consensus mechanisms and robust security measures, Aptos ensures the integrity of transactions while prioritizing user experience. 

Governance within blockchain ecosystems is pivotal for their evolution and adaptation to emerging challenges and opportunities. Proposals within the Aptos governance ecosystem are initiated through the Aptos Improvement Proposal (AIP) process. This journey begins with a suggestion on the Aptos Foundation AIP GitHub, progresses to on-chain proposal creation via the aptos_governance module, and ultimately concludes with community voting.

In this regard, GovScan serves as a vital governance tracking tool, enabling transparent decision-making and community participation within the Aptos ecosystem.

After reading this article, you will be able to vote more easily for your preferred Aptos proposals and spend less time tracking them.

What is Aptos?

The Aptos blockchain represents a pioneering decentralized ledger system engineered to foster a wide array of applications and transactions securely. Notably, its scalability stands out as a hallmark feature, accommodating a substantial volume of transactions while maintaining optimal speed and performance. This scalability is underpinned by innovative consensus mechanisms and network architecture, ensuring that the blockchain remains highly responsive and adaptable to the evolving needs of its user base.

Aptos Governance Overview

The governance model of the Aptos blockchain is structured around an on-chain mechanism, empowering community members to suggest, evaluate, and execute changes aimed at optimizing the core protocol’s management. This inclusive framework covers a spectrum of alterations, including adjustments to blockchain parameters, updates to core code, enhancements or bug fixes to Aptos Framework modules, and the introduction of new modules. 

Proposals within the Aptos governance ecosystem are initiated through the Aptos Improvement Proposal (AIP) process. New proposals are uploaded on the Aptos Foundation AIP GitHub, become an on-chain proposal via the aptos_governance module, and ultimately get voted on by the Aptos community.

Participation in voting necessitates a staked position within the network, removing the need to run a validator node. The governance protocol stipulates that proposals must attain a minimum vote count within a designated expiration period to proceed toward resolution. Under certain circumstances, proposals may be expedited if they gather support exceeding 50% of the total supply before the deadline. Conversely, mass rejection of a proposal occurs if more than 50% of votes oppose it. Importantly, the proposer’s stake remains locked for the entirety of the voting process, a measure designed to deter spam and ensure the seriousness of proposals.

What is Govscan?

Govscan is a multi-chain governance platform designed to track and alert users on various governance proposals. For Aptos, you also have the option to vote AIPs directly in-app.

Participants in Aptos governance can stay up to date on proposal updates with the help of real-time notifications that can be set on multiple channels. Currently, users can see notifications for proposals made on Aptos on their Slack, Discord, and Telegram accounts, and vote for or against governance proposals directly in GovScan. 

Aptos Governance Simplified with GovScan

In this section, we will show you how to set up notifications on Slack, Telegram, and Discord, vote for or against Aptos AIPs, and monitor them.

How to Set Up Notifications

To set up notifications, first sign in with a Google account. Once logged in, head to ‘Notification Settings’. From there, you can select where you want your notifications to go. If you decide you no longer want updates on a specific proposal, simply unfollow it.

As an example, we’ll use Telegram. Click on “Add Telegram”, then input your account ID. That’s it. If you’re unsure where to find your ID, click on “How to get it”. 

After you’ve set up your notification channels, go back to the dashboard and subscribe to Aptos. Once subscribed, click “View Aptos Proposals” to see a list of active proposals.

How Does Voting Work

Now, if you want to vote for a proposal on Aptos, click on “Connect Wallet” and choose your preferred wallet from the available ones. Sign in with your wallet, and you can begin voting. To choose which proposal you would like to vote for, click on “View Proposal”.

Check out the description, voting period, and the results so far. When you decide that you want to vote for that proposal, click on “Vote”. Make sure that you check your voting power at the top of the page before. 

Here, you can choose to vote for or against the proposal and set the voting power you would like to have. Click on “Confirm” when you are all set.

That’s it! You just voted for one of the proposals available on the Aptos blockchain. You can now track your voting activity and browse other proposals. Make sure to also check your notifications to see the progress and outcome of the proposal you voted for and more!


In conclusion, the Aptos governance model ensures transparent and community-driven decision-making within the ecosystem. With its user-friendly interface and real-time notifications, GovScan simplifies the voting process, empowering Aptos users to actively participate in shaping the platform’s future. This seamless integration of governance and monitoring tools underscores Aptos’ commitment to accessibility, transparency, and continual improvement in the Web3 landscape.

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