Bware Labs’ contributions to LayerZero’s mission to advance the future of cross-chain development

Bware Labs’ contributions to LayerZero’s mission to advance the future of cross-chain development

Bware Labs Team

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With the LayerZero Mainnet DVN now live, Bware Labs is excited to be part of this journey. Our teams have been collaborating for more than 6 months now as the LayerZero team has chosen Blast as a fallback RPC provider for their blockchain infrastructure.

Following a very successful collaboration, Bware Labs’ high-performance, decentralized RPC platform, Blast, is joining the LayerZero protocol as a Decentralized Verifier Network, hence contributing to the verification of cross-chain messages.

About LayerZero

LayerZero is a trustless cross-chain communication protocol, the first of its kind, aiming to provide a powerful medium for building a large diversity of cross-chain applications. LayerZero allows developers to build seamless cross-chain applications varying from DEXs to yield aggregators by enabling direct, trustless transactions between different blockchains.

Already supporting 49 blockchain networks, LayerZero brings about a new era in blockchain interoperability and will most likely change the way in which we look at cross-chain development going into the future.

About Blast

Blast is Bware Labs’ decentralized multichain platform, aiming to become a middle layer for blockchain data access. Covering a wide range of needs Blast established itself as a go-to blockchain data provider not only for blockchain applications but also for other blockchain protocols such as indexing solutions, interoperability protocols such as LayerZero, or even for other RPC providers that are leveraging the availability and performance of the Blast protocol to provide blockchain access and information to their customers in different forms.

In order to achieve its current performance Blast leverages hundreds of third-party operators, widely distributed geographically, all joined together under a protocol powered by the INFRA token.

Bware Labs  contributions

  1. Decentralized Verifier Network (DVN) – To improve protocol security, LayerZero V2 introduced the concepts of  DVNs and Executors which are aimed at decoupling the security and execution layers within the protocol. Cross-chain applications are now able to configure their own security stack by selecting a number of required and optional DVNs while each DVN verifies cross-chain messages using a unique schema to determine the integrity of the message payload. 

Bware Labs is among a select group of projects that will contribute to the verification of messages within the LayerZero protocol thus participating in the protocol’s security layer.

On mainnet launch day, the Bware Labs DVN added support for 22 out of the 49 blockchain networks supported by LayerZero.

  1. Blast – Sending cross-chain messages requires, first of all, access to the chains between which the messages are being exchanged. Providing a highly available, low-latency platform for interacting with different blockchains in a decentralized way, Blast represents a fallback solution for LayerZero’s infrastructure enabling a straightforward way of obtaining a gateway to the platform’s supported blockchains

What’s next

At Bware Labs we are strong believers in a multichain future and we are enthusiastic about working with projects and protocols sharing the same vision.

In terms of the collaboration with the LayerZero protocol, Bware Labs aims to expand its DVN to include a larger subset of networks aiming to have support for all the networks currently available on LayerZero by the end of 2024.

Moreover, Blast will expand its own list of integrated networks to continue providing a reliable fallback solution to the LayerZero team on a larger number of blockchain networks.


In conclusion, we hope that the strategic partnership between Bware Labs and LayerZero will bring a significant contribution to the advancement of blockchain interoperability. LayerZero, with its pioneering approach, has been instrumental in redefining how different blockchain networks interact and communicate, thereby enhancing the overall fluidity and functionality of the blockchain ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Bware Labs continues to reinforce this evolution with its commitment to providing reliable and efficient infrastructure services. This collaboration not only underscores the shared vision of both entities but also promises to set new benchmarks in blockchain technology, paving the way for more integrated and seamless cross-chain applications.

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